Family of 100 💕

Wohooo🎉 I am so happy for this day. I never thought people will like my words or not or if i will be able to express my views or not. But i am glad you guys like it and also can't thank enough each one of you for joining and supporting me in this Journey. … Continue reading Family of 100 💕



Sunset or Sunrise ? You Decide. Your Vision will decide your fortune. Either you can see as your new sunrise with new possibilities and new goals. Or you can see it as hopeless dream . We should change our vision to see possibilities , hope and aim then it will be more easy for us … Continue reading SUNSET OR SUNRISE ? 🌞

Quote from my Dad💛

इतना छोटा कंधा रखो कि जिस से सब साथ बैठ सके ! और इतने बड़े मन का अधिकारी बनो कि तुम जब खड़े हो जाओ तब कोई बैठ ना सके ! Such amazing lines.. Quote from my Dad. We don't realise but our parents are our best teachers. I love to sit with my dad … Continue reading Quote from my Dad💛